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Student Life

Student Life

There are different services and opportunities to allow you to be the protagonist of your university life at UC. Among them you can find student development, student health, support service, chaplaincy UC, student leadership, workshops, among others. All these support instances, initiatives and projects that take place in the university are devoted to ensuring a healthy coexistence for everyone, and some services will support you during your whole university life.


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Socioeconomic Assistance Department (Departamento de Asistencia Socioeconómica, DASE)

  • Grants and loans

Student Health Office (Dirección de Salud Estudiantil, DGE)

  • CARA
  • Dental Unit
  • Medical Unit
  • Psychological Support Unit (UAP, after its name in Spanish)
  • Self-care in Alcohol and Drugs consumption Program (PADEU-UC, after its name in Spanish)
  • Healthy Campus Program

Student Affairs Office (Dirección de Asuntos Estudiantiles, DAE)

  • UC Sports
  • Ombudsman